FISHEYE Lens - iPhone 15 Pro Max

Ultra wide fisheye for the iPhone 15 Pro Max

With improved impact case. (The case is our upgraded 2 part Impact Case with edge dampening protection and front screen bumper protection. )

This is our flagship lens made to pay homage to the classic VX1000 MKI lens we all grew up on. Now you can have a pocket VX1000 in HD with your smartphone. This lens looks even more nostalgic when using your smartphone in 4:3 mode, but works well in any format. If you are more a fan of the new age HVX200 Xtreme lens look, please check out our PRO lens. If you are not familiar with those classic lenses feel free to check out our instagram page for samples of each lens!


(Images shown with iPhone 12 model and packaging, not the 15 Pro Max)

$ 45.00


In order to help make our mobile devices more usefull we have developed the world’s widest and easiest to use fisheye lens. In our past a group of 5 or more would share a VX1000 and legit fisheye setup. The struggle to get footage and share footage was difficult to say the least. Now we hope to pay our struggle forward by providing a lens that anyone can afford and anyone can use with their very own cell phone. With a nod to the past and our vision on the future we bring you the Death Lens, fit for any iphone and select Samsung models.


The best lens for your phone.