Can I purchase just a new case from you as I have a new phone model?

Sorry we do not sell cases individually, although all of our lenses fit all of our cases. So the cheapest option would be to purchase the correct model wide angle for $20 and get a new case that way.

How can my store/shop stock Death Lens?

Give us a shout! We got you. info@deathlens.com, We are distributed by Baker Boys Distribution in the U.S. and they would also be glad to get your store/shop laced up.

What is the difference between the regular Fisheye and the Pro lens?

The Fisheye for $40 has a circular vignette around the edges and is designed to replicate the look of a Sony VX1000 with MKI lens. It is made from precision HD glass and polycarbonate elements.

The Pro lens is less wide than the Fisheye and has no vignette with edge to edge sharpness more closely resembling the look of a Panasonic HVX200 with Xtreme lens. With more inner glass and polycarbonate elements than the fisheye the pro lens is able to maintain a sharper image with very minimal chromatic aberrations. The outer lens is made from very high quality precision glass designed to resist abrasion.

Will my lens from another model phone fit onto my new case?

All of our lenses are universal in size and will fit any of our cases or clip attachments.

I recently upgraded my phone and was wondering if I could just purchase a new case and keep my lens?

Sorry we do not sell lenses and cases separately. We do have an upgraded impact case we sell separately for the iphone 6 and 6+.

Does the microphone work on your VX handle?

No. The microphone on the VX handle is simply for the VX looks and also doubles as a mounting spot via cold shoe adapter for accessories such as an external microphone or LED light. We have developed a VX handle with functioning microphone and bluetooth record button, but the final cost of the product would be well over $100 and not something we feel fair to offer to our customers, when the microphone built into an iphone or samsung model phone is already of very high quality. Also Apple threw us a curveball and ditched the AUX jack leaving us needing to re-engineer the microphone connection.

Why does the iphone 7 and 7+ pro kit not come with the impact case like the 6 and 6+?

 The impact case is very expensive to design and manufacture. Since Apple is skipping their normal upgrade habits and going from the 7 straight to the 8 (no 7s). We would not get a return on the manufacturing costs with just one model of phone. 

Can I send you my footage to post on the @deathlens instagram account?

Absolutely! Please email us info@deathlens.com. Our social media team can be very picky on the quality they choose to post, so please do not be offended if they do not post your footage...We still love you.

What is the difference between a Death Lens and this knockoff I saw on Amazon?

Double check the Amazon store to make sure its an official Death Lens. Some of our retailers sell on Amazon and you are all good making that purchase. If you are not sure, then purchase from our site. We have an optics team that developed our original lens for over 5 years to ensure the highest quality, using exclusive HD glass and alignment. We develop our lenses to give you the familiar look of a VX1000 or HVX200 you are used to seeing in skate videos. We were the first to bring you a fisheye lens/case for mobile phones. The "other" guys are simply copy catting, using low end glass/plastics from non reputable Chinese factories. Just try one of the "other" guys' lenses out and you will instantly notice the difference in image quality.

Can I get some stickers?

Sorry, we currently don't make stickers. But if we do, we will flow them out like water.

I emailed info@deathlens the other day and have not gotten a response?

Sorry, we have a very small shipping/customer service crew, and if they have not responded quickly, that is because they are neck deep in emails trying to climb out. They do their best to respond as soon as possible and love you, so please be kind to them.

I dropped my lens the first day I had it, can you send me a new one?

Cmon' butter fingers! Send us an email, if we have extra lenses around we might be able to consider your situation and send you one. Most of the time we do not stock extra lenses and will not be able to help you out, but it can't hurt to holler.

I dropped/scratched my lens can I buy a replacement lens?

Bummer! Sorry we do not offer lenses and cases sold separately. Do know that the majority of our costs are in the lens itself so buying a lens separately would not save you any money. We barely mark up our products from what it costs to manufacture so we can keep it as cheap and affordable as possible for you. So do some finger pushups and don't drop that thing!

When I got my lens or handle it was busted right out of the box?

Sometimes the rough hands of USPS can beat a package to death. If your order arrived with damage, please send us a photo to info@deathlens.com we would be glad to send you a crispy new one.

I accidentally ordered the wrong lens, what do I do?

It happens, clicking a 6 instead of a 6 plus...We get it, you were excited to drop in on a lens and got click happy. If we have already shipped your lens, you will have to return it to us, and once we receive the product back we will ship you the correct product. If your lens has not shipped yet, please email us ASAP info@deathlens.com and call us ASAP to give us a heads up 702-379-5445

My package shows as "Delivered" but I did not receive the product?

Double check to make sure you entered the correct address. More often than not, you had a typo when ordering and the package got delivered to your neighbor or someone else in your apartment complex. If the address was correct, then perhaps you had someone steal the package from your front door, or the post office delivered it to the wrong address. We will do our best to contact USPS to locate your package, but they have yet to prove helpful in this situation. Email us info@deathlens.com and we will do our best to help you get your goods.

My Death Juice did not come with an iphone cable?

Our power banks do not come with phone specific cables. That is why we have the USB port and micro USB port for you to use your own phone's/device's charging cable. If we were to provide the charging cables, the cost would jump considerably because any lightning port cable has to be MFI certified(a process that takes a long time, $, and Apple's approval).(( this is why those ghetto gas station/amazon bootleg cables only last a week or until the next iOS update...then zap! Apple shuts that BS down!))